The 5 Key Sales Lessons You Must Implement In A Global Pandemic!

5 key sales lessons

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For many recruiters today who have been on furlough, almost certainly within the UK, making a business development or sales call will most likely seem like a distant memory.

Returning to the office having spent three months or so in the wilderness, unable to conduct any work-related tasks must spin some into utter disorientation.

“Where do I start? What do I do? What do I say? Where was my desk again? How do I convince my clients to even answer the phone when we are dealing with a global pandemic, an economic downturn; an environment that the world as far as we know it, has not seen before?” Its for these reasons I decided to create this brand new training guide…

The Five Key Sales Lessons to Increase Your Monthly Income & Kickstart Your Recruitment Career.

Lesson 1: If you don’t get your head straight, you’ve already LOST - lay the foundations for success.

Stop seeing this global pandemic as simply a time where sales is more difficult. Instead change your mindset and see this as the perfect window of opportunity to master your market and become the key person of influence.

Lesson 2: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Sometimes you need to switch things up a bit, no longer are we in a world where doing the same thing over and over again actually provides results. Sometimes you need to adapt.

Lesson 3: Go above and beyond, no time to REST.

Remember your business development is about your CLIENT and not about YOU.

Communicate and understand where and how you can add value with your clients. 

Lesson 4: You can’t sell anything, if you can’t tell anything - understand the art of story selling.

Marketing should be at the forefront of what you do during times of downturn, and if you aren’t focusing on building your personal brand inline with your company values then you need to get started.

Lesson 5: Be so good, THEY can’t ignore YOU

Standards are everything in this business, and so is your reputation… start to identify and understand the ways in which you can be better than all of your competition.

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