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Top Biller
By Steve Guest

“An eye-opening guide to what it takes to become a Top Billing Recruitment Consultant and build a successful business.”

Good Read
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I enjoyed this book. It’s written in an easy to understand fluid way that better allows for Information to soak in. Some nice points on structure and looking into the nitty gritty of the little things that make big differences. I used to work for FastTrack in a different office to Steve. I did well enough there but maybe I would have done better working under Steve?
Jon M.
Great business book for recruitment
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Great read. An inspirational personal story and great tips on how to succeed in the recruitment industry.
Miss L J Atkins
A book for all levels
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I have over 13 years experience within the recruitment industry and found this book super useful, refreshing, very well wrote and most of all an engaging. well worth read!

Really recommend regardless of your level of recruitment knowledge and expertise.
Michael M.
Comprehensive and entertaining!!
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Great read! New book written by top talent across the pond in England. Well done Steve Guest! Lots of recruiter insights inside for those starting out in the business, and many tips and reminders for old pros too. Highly recommend!
A sound unusual effective approach to BigBilling
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Steve beautifully explains that big-billing in a consistent organized and repeatable way is all about structure and methodology. Applies to any service industry, specifically for the recruitment business Steve Guest walks the talk and provides actionnable tools all along in that easy to read and exciting book reflecting how he actually made it through. Great value for all level of recruiters, even the most senior ones, if not already big billers.
Sales made simple - by one of the best within our industry- a great read.
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I have just finished reading Top Biller by Steve Guest and would highly recommend anyone within the recruitment industry to give it read.

With technology playing such a pivotal role in the world of recruitment - whatever sector you are recruiting within - Steve reminds us how the human element will always be incredibly valuable. After all - that’s what this great industry was built on - the human touch and a curious conversation.

Packed with plenty of ’hows?’ and ’whys?’ - all amplified with simplicity. It's an honest account of how to build a high performing desk - whatever your market.

Recruitment, Sales & Negotiation

Motivation, Thinking & Mindset

Money, Trading & Investing

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